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To access our website:


Commencing your journey with MyDataCoin is a swift and effortless process, with registration typically requiring just around 5 minutes of your time. To initiate this, visit our primary page: the Marketplace. Here, you'll encounter the registration interface presenting two options:

  • Data Consumer: Tailored for individuals or organizations seeking to acquire datasets. Explore the comprehensive array of datasets available on the Home page before proceeding.

  • Data Holder: Designed for individuals or organizations keen on vending a dataset. Ensure completion of all requisite information and set up your dataset meticulously.

Furthermore, you'll be prompted to input your First Name, Last Name, and email address. A verification code will be dispatched to your email for confirmation purposes.

Upon successful email verification, the subsequent steps diverge based on the role you select.

After opting for the role of a Data Consumer and completing the email verification process, Data Consumers should fill in the company information on the settings page.

After your status of company changes from "Awaiting" to "Verified", you can navigate to the Home page and explore all uploaded datasets.

Save your favorites and make purchases hassle-free!

After opting for the role of a Data Holder and once your email is confirmed, the journey for Data Holders unfurls, presenting distinct subsequent actions and guidelines:

The system activates a modal window divided into four stages. The first three steps are for entering information about your company.

After successful completion of the first two stages, the system will automatically send your company's data for verification.

Dataset Upload Process

Once you’ve completed the information for your company, which includes uploading your company logo, you’ll receive a secret token as a first step for uploading your dataset.

Do not transfer the token to third parties, and beware of getting the token on the Internet. In case of suspicious actions related to your account, immediately invoke it and request a new token.

You need to send this token to your IT specialists to grant access to work with MyDataCoin Bridge. The last step is to obtain the URL from the IT specialist and enter it in the designated field alongside the secret token (you can also reach it on your settings page later).

After successful completion of all stages, you will see all the data you have filled in on the Dashboard page and your dataset uploaded in the Manage Dataset page.

To enhance your dataset in the page My Datasets, simply click the 'Edit' button and fill in the details. The more comprehensive your data, the more appealing it becomes to potential buyers.

It's important to set the price of your dataset. The estimated price set by the system is 8.77 USD.

Once you've added all the information, your updated dataset will be readily available.

After your status of company changes from "Awaiting" to "Verified", you will get access to the functionality of the system.

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