🪙MDC Token Distribution and Supply

MDC is the native currency of the MyDataCoin blockchain, and it is necessary to participate in block production and receive rewards for users who share their data. MDC is an inflationary currency with no maximum supply cap.





Total Supply


Max Supply






The initial distribution of MDC is 1 billion tokens, which includes all categories of token recipients in the distribution schedule, except for data producers who receive rewards in the form of dividends for sharing their personal data. As the number of users and data categories increases, there will be an inflationary increase that is crucial for the system during the initial stages of network development.


Inflation serves as a stimulus, providing network members with an incentive to participate. Therefore, it was decided to offer high annual rates, such as 20%, to create a healthy network and promote decentralization. There are two primary reasons to stake or delegate MDC:

Short-term financial gain

By staking or participating in inflation, holders receive a reward that is proportional to the amount staked or held. This reward may include a block reward or transaction fee proportional to your participation. Conversely, by holding a PoS asset in cold storage or otherwise neglecting participation, the asset could depreciate at a rate of 5% to 20% per year.

Long-term financial gain

For PoS systems, staking is how the system secures the network. This will reduce the set of possible attackers and help keep the network secure. Systems with inflation use this mechanism to redistribute lost assets. Participation in inflation helps to ensure that assets retain value in the long run.

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